Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool providing detailed information about your website visitors such as their location and the number of average page views per visit.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics map overlay

To setup Google Analytics you will need to create a Google Analytics account by going to: and clicking on 'Start for Free'.

Once you have created and verified your account you will then be able to login to

Once you have logged in click on Google Analytics and then click on the sign up option (see below)

You will be asked to enter your website url and a name for this account (ie Church Website):

Google Analytics create account

You will then need to enter your name and agree to the Google Analytics Terms of Service before you receive your unique tracking code.

Adding Google Analytics to your website

Now that you have created your Google Analytics account you will need to add the Google JavaScript to every page in the website.

If you have a Church Edit website then this is very easy to do as all you need is your unique Analytics code. Your Analytics code will be displayed on the main page of your Analytics report next to your domain name and will be something similar to UA-12345678-1.

Once you have this code, login to Church Edit's Global Office and go to SETTINGS > SITE OPTIONS and tick the Google Analytics box. Add your Analytics Code in the box provided and press UPDATE.

Google Analytics will then start collecting detailed information about your site visitors. NOTE: this won't be available instantly so you will need to login to Google Analytics in the next day or so.