Links Page

The links feature is an easy way to order and display links to other websites. The link explorer (below) organises the links that are added to the site.

To add, edit or delete links you will need to go to the links page in Global Office by clicking Features at the top of the page and then click the Links button.

Adding a link

To add a link to the site click the Add Link button.
Each link requires the following information:

  • Link name

  • description

  • web address

If you would like to upload an image, for example a logo, to be displayed next to the link, you can do this by selecting the Browse/Choose File button. The image must be in a JPG or a GIF format.

A link will then be displayed on the website as seen below. These two examples have also had images uploaded.

Editing or deleting a link

You can edit or delete a link by clicking on Links in Global Office and then clicking the name of the link that you would like to edit/delete in the left hand menu.  To edit the link, click the Edit button and to delete the link, click the Delete button.  Both are located on the right of the page.

Deleting a link image

To delete a link image, open the link explorer and then select the link by clicking on the link name. This will then display the link and the image. To delete the image click on the red cross underneath the image.


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