Graphical Calendar - Add Events

One-Off Event


We can add a new event by clicking the plus button on the date we want to add the event to.  This will open the ‘Add Event’ window where we can add the event information.

We will be able to alter the date, if we’ve clicked the wrong day by mistake.

If this is to be an All Day event, we can tick the checkbox and the Start and End time options will be greyed out, otherwise we can set a start and end time for our event.  

Next, we need to add a name for our event, which will appear in the calendar.

If we are using the Graphical Calendar, we’ll have an option to add a Summary which will appear in the Calendar Widget, if we have set one up in the Design Builder. C

If we have any Tags that need to be added to the event, we can add them in the Tags field.  A list of tags that are available to add can be seen by clicking the Available Tags link.

The Detailed Information can contain as much extra information as we need, for example, the room the event is taking place in, any extra instructions, entry prices if it this a paid for event, and so on.


Repeating Event


We can add a repeating event by switching on the Repeat This Event toggle.  Once it’s switched on, the different repeat options will appear.

We can repeat an event every day, for up to 8 additional days, by selecting the Daily option.

If we want to repeat the event weekly, we can select the Weekly option.  We can then choose to repeat every week, or every 2 weeks, and so on, up to every 8 weeks.  We can then let the system know how many times it should repeat, up to 50 repeats.

The Monthly option will allow us to set the event to repeat every month.  We can choose which week of the month the repeat should happen, by selecting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or Last from the dropdown.  Selecting Last will put the event in the last week of the month, whether it is a 4 week or 5 week month.  We can also select which day of the week we want the repeat to occur and how many times we would like the event to repeat, up to 12 times.

Finally, we have the Yearly repeat option, which will add the event to the same day each year, forever.


Add Links and Location


We can add a link to an external website, that visitors can click when they view the event on our site.  Simply switch the External Web Link toggle on, and enter the web address you want to link to.

If we want to link to a page on our own website, we can use the Related Page dropdown list.  This will show all the pages available on our site and we can choose the relevant page.

If you have enabled Locations in the Calendar Options, you will be able to choose a location for the event, from the dropdown list.

The links and location map are available when people click the event in the Calendar.




If we have one of the Membership packages, we are able to restrict who will be able to see an event in our Calendar.

By default, the event will be set so that everyone can see it in the Calendar.  In the dropdown, we can choose to limit visibility to only logged in members, or to only logged in members who are also a member of a specific Group.

If we switch the Global Office Only toggle on, the event will not appear on the front end of the website at all, it will only be visible if you are looking at the calendar in Global Office.




The images tab will only be visible if we are using the Graphical Calendar, it will not show if we are using the Text Only Calendar.

If we click the Images tab, we will see the default image that has been set for our Graphical Calendar events, which is set in Design Builder Options.

We’re able to use a different image for a specific event by clicking one of the buttons on the left.

Upload Image will allow us to upload a brand new image for our event.  Simply click the Upload Image button, select your new image from your hard drive, use the crop tool to set the image to the correct size and choose which part of the image to display, click the tick, and then click the Add Image button to add it to your event.

Alternatively, we can use an image we have already uploaded by clicking the Browse Images button.  This will open a window that lists all the images we have uploaded and we can choose the one we would like to use by clicking on it.  If there is already a thumbnail version of the image, it will be added to the event straight away.  If there is no thumbnail version, you will be able to crop the image to create the thumbnail, click the tick and then click the Add Image button.

If we’re adding the image to a repeating series of events, the image will be used for all repeats of the event.


Edit/Delete Events


To edit, or delete, an event we will just need to click the event in the Calendar, in Global Office.

In the window that opens up, we can delete the event by clicking the Delete Event button, this will remove the event from the Calendar.  If the event is part of a repeating series, we will have the option to delete all the events in the series, just the event we clicked, or all the future events.

To edit an event, after clicking the event in the Calendar, we will need to click the Edit Event button in the window that opens.

We can change any details of the event, apart from the date, if the date needs to be changed, we will need to delete the event and re-add it on the correct date.

If the event is part of a repeating series, we will have the option to apply our changes to just the event that was clicked, or to all the events in the series.


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