The Web Editor

The Web Editor is used for creating web pages.

When you add or edit a web page the following Editor will be displayed:

Source - Shows the HTML code for the page.
Save - Saves your page
Undo - Reverses the last action you took in the web editor
Redo - Reverses the last Undo
Find & Replace - Find specific text in the web editor and replace it with alternative, specified text
Select All - Select all the content in the web editor
Remove Format - Remove all formatting from selected text
Image - Insert an image  more...
Table - Add a table
Insert Horizontal Line - Insert a horizontal line
Insert Special Character - Insert a special character
Insert/Remove Numbered List - Insert or remove a numbered list
Insert/Remove Bulleted List - Insert or remove a bulleted list
Decrease Indent - Decrease the indent of selected text
Increase Indent - Increase the indent of selected text
Block Quote - Make selected text a block quotation
Link - Add a hyperllink or email link to the selected text  more...
Remove Link - Remove a hyperlink or email link from the selected text
Text Colour - Change the colour of the selected text
Background Colour - Change the background colour of the selected text
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