The design builder has a number of tags that are used. These tags are placed in the design and when the web page is viewed these tags will be replaced by the relevant content.

This way, your website can be completely customisable.

The tags are:

< !--EDIT-MainMenu-- >
This will place the main menu for the SIDE or TOP.

< !--EDIT-SiteTitle-- >
This will place the site title text within the banner. (optional)

< !--EDIT-SideMenu-- >
This will place the side menu. This is only required if you are using a TOP MENU for your main navigation and then want to display a side menu alongside this for content pages.

< !--EDIT-PageTitle-- >
This is the main title for the page - it will be wrapped in H1 Tags

< !--EDIT-Content-- >
This will be where the main body of content goes.

< !--EDIT-FooterText-- >
This is where the footer text is placed.

< !--EDIT-Breadcrumbs-- >
This is where the breadcrumbs are placed (optional)

< !--EDIT-LoginBox-- >
This is where the login/ register links are placed (optional - only needed if you have a members area)