Changing the Banner

Church Edit comes with a range of templates for use on your site. However you may want to customise one of these designs by using your own banner at the top of each page.

This following guide will take you through how to do this. The banner at the top of the page must be an image (GIF or JPG) .

  • Click on Settings from Global Office (if you can’t access this then contact your administrator)
  • Click on Advanced Design and then click Advanced Design Editor

  • Click on Create a new template
  • Select Modify an existing Church Edit Template
  • Select the template to modify
  • Give the template a name – this will only be used for reference in the control panel
  • You will then see the design builder screen which will allow you to customise the design.
  • All you need to do is to click on the Images button
  • In the popup click on the Green Replace image icon underneath the existing banner and select your new banner from your computer.
  • Once the file has uploaded you must press Close Window
  • To add the banner to your Mobile Site you need to click the Mobile Code tab (if you're not changing the mobile site banner, skip to the 'Save Changes' step)
  • Click the IMAGES button on the right
  • In the popup, click the new banner image, which will close the popup.
  • Copy the file path that has appeared below the green Save Changes button
  • Find <div id="header"> in the code which will contain <img src="..." />
  • Replace the file path between the quotation marks with the file path you copied earlier
  • Press Save Changes
  • Press the Publish button
  • Select the areas the new design should be used for and press Publish again.

Your design has now been published on the website with your new header image.