Adding a Folder

Edit websites are built using Folders and Pages.  Folders are used to create the menu structure and the contain Pages which contain the content of your site.

Folders can be used to add items to your website’s main menu and sub-folders can be used to create dropdown menus.

To add a Folder, you need to click Web Pages and then one of the Add Folder buttons.

If Parent Folder is left as Home, the folder will appear in the main menu.  If you want to create a dropdown menu on your site, you will need to change the Parent Folder to the folder that you want the folder to appear below.

You will need to add a Folder Name.

You will need to select Yes, next to Live if you want the folder to appear on your website.

If you have multiple pages in your folder, you can choose how you would like them to be ordered, using the page order dropdown menu.

Show folder in menu allows you to choose whether a Live folder will appear in the menu or not.  If a folder is set to not show in the menu, it will still be accessible via a direct link to the folder.

If you have an Edit Plus package, you will be able to choose if a folder is available to everyone, just to users who are logged in to your site, or just to a specific group of users who are logged in to your site.

You’ll then need to click Continue to add your folder.  You will see it appear in the list of folders on the left of the page and in the menu on your website.

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