Locator Options

The Locator Options allow you set the Distance Units you would like to use, whether a list of regions should be shown (this option will not appear if you have no regions set up) and whether site users should be allowed to add locations.  The Google API Code is required for The Locator to work on your site.  You can see how to obtain a Google API Key here.

If you allow users to submit locations, you will have the opportunity to approve or reject them before they appear on your site.

You can also select which of the optional fields should be used for the places on your Locator.

If these options are ticked, the details can be added to each place on your Locator.  These details, and any Custom Fields that you may have added, will be available for users to see when they click a marker on your Locator map and then click the More Info link.

You are able to add one photo to each place which will be shown when the More Info link is clicked (see below).

The More Info window will also show other, nearby, locations that you have added to your Locator map.