Generating a Google API Key

Since June 22nd, 2016 Google have made it necessary to use an API key if you are using Google Maps API on your website. If you make use of the Locator feature in Church Edit, you will need to add an API Key as this feature uses Google Maps API.
  To generate your API Key you will need to go to this page:

On the page, click the Google Cloud Platform Console link.

Google API Key

When you click the link, you will be taken to the Google Cloud Platform. On the Google Cloud Platform, click the Project dropdown at the top of the page.

In the pop up, click New Project at the top of the window, give your project a name and click the Create button.

It may take some time to create the project but you will be taken to the next page, automatically, when it is complete.

Click the Create Credentials dropdown and select API Key from the list.

Your API Key will be created and you will see a pop up window, in the middle of the screen, that contains the key. 

You should then click the Restrict Key link, select HTTP Referrers (web sites) and click the Add An Item button.

You will then be able to add your web address, which will mean that the API Key can't be used on any other website, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Google also require you to add a Billing Account, which you can do by clicking the burger menu at the top left of the page and selecting Billing from the menu.

Adding your API Key to the Locator

To add the API Key to the Locator, you will need to log in to Global Office and click Features in the top menu, followed by Locator. You will then need to click Locator Options and paste the key into Google API Code text box. Finally, click Update to confirm your changes.