The Catalogue

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The catalogue feature is an ideal way to showcase your church library or bookstore. With the catalogue you can create categories to store your items, e.g. books, magazines, etc., and they will then be displayed to your site visitors in an easy to navigate view.

If you have a library at your church you could create a category for the different topics and then add information and a front cover image for each book onto the website

The catalogue can have up to 20 categories. Each category will then contain individual catalogue items. For example the catalogue could be used as a ‘Church Library’ with a category called ‘Creation Books’ and an item called ‘Creation verses Evolution’

To edit the catalogue click Features in the top menu in Global Office and click Catalogue.

Catalogue Options

Like most of the features in Church Edit, the catalogue can be customised to suit the individual church.

The following options are available: 

  • Catalogue Name: The catalogue name is displayed on the site menu and at the top of the catalogue page. The name should describe what the catalogue is being used for, e.g. Library, Church Bookstore, etc.

  • Catalogue Voting : If this option is enabled then members and visitors will be able to rate individual items from 1 – 5 (1 being lowest, 5 being highest). Each person will only be able to vote for an item once.

  • Email to a friend If this option is enabled, website users will be able to easily email a link for a particular catalogue item to a friend.

  • Printable Version If this option is enabled, website users will be able to open a printable version of the page. This will display the catalogue item without the main website banners and menus.

  • Member reviews If this option is enabled, members who are signed in to the site will be able to leave reviews of the items in your catalogue.  You can decide whether these are visible to everyone, or only signed in members.

Catalogue Introduction

The catalogue introduction is displayed on the main catalogue page and can be used as an introduction to the catalogue feature. The catalogue introduction uses the easy to use web editor. See the web editor tutorial for more information.

Catalogue Fields

Every library item will require a title and a description. However, it may be that you require each item to have more information.  This can be done by creating extra fields. For example, if you are using the catalogue as a bookstore, you may want to add a field for ‘Price’. If the catalogue is being used to show the books in a library then you may require fields for ‘Author’, ‘Date Published’, ‘Edition’ and ‘Publisher’.

It depends on your requirements for the catalogue as to whether additional fields are needed. Up to 10 extra fields are available and you can use none or all ten of them.

To add, rename or delete fields click on Catalogue Fields button from the main catalogue page. The following screenshot shows the Edit Catalogue Fields form. In the example below, Field 1 is being used to enter author information, Field 2 is being used for publishing date and Field 3 is the price.

Adding a category

Up to 20 categories can be used to store catalogue items.

To add a category click the Add Category button from the main catalogue page.

To upload an image for the category, select the Choose File button to choose the image from your computer. Uploaded images will be displayed next to the category description.

You can add a category without it being displayed on the website straight away. This can be done by selecting No next to the option Make this category live. In the future, when you are ready to make the category live, just select Show next to the category name on the main category page.

Catalogue Main Page

The main page of the catalogue will list the categories that are currently stored on the website. To view a category in more detail, click the category name.

Editing a Category

To edit a category, open it by clicking the category name (see the screenshot above). An Edit button will be displayed to edit the category.

Deleting a Category

To delete a category click the Delete button next to the category name on the main catalogue page. You can only delete a category if it is empty. If it contains items then you will not be able to delete it until the items have been removed.


Deleting a category cannot be undone

Adding Catalogue Items

You can add items to the Catalogue by:

  • Clicking Add Item next to the category name on the main catalogue page
  • Opening the category and clicking Add Item

The screenshot below shows the Add Item form. In this example the item is being added to the Example Category. Every item should have, at least, a title and a description. A web link and image are optional. If you have added any extra fields (see catalogue fields) then these will also be displayed. In the example there are 2 fields which have been created, Author and Publisher, when adding an item these fields can be left blank.

Editing Catalogue Items

To edit the details for an item, open the category that the item is stored in and click Edit underneath the item name. You will then be able to change the details for the item.