Homepage Builder

The homepage is the first page that visitors come to and should ideally display information on the church but not have a long ‘essay’ of text. 

The homepage builder can be used to generate homepages by adding custom widgets which can be rearranged on the page to create a unique layout.

Users of Church Edit are able to create a single homepage which will be seen by all people who view the site.

Users of Church Edit Pro can create a separate homepage for public users and members.

If you've chosen a template for your site which is compatible with mobile devices, you will also be able to create a separate mobile homepage layout.


Creating your first homepage

The quickest way to create a homepage is to use one of the prebuilt layouts.

Click 'Settings' followed by the 'Design' button.  Next, select the 'Change homepage layout' option. Here you'll be able to select from several preset homepage builds. 

To see a preview of any of the layouts, click the images at the top of the page.  If you decide to use a preset layout, you can apply it to your homepage by clicking the relevant link in the 'Main Homepage' section.

Church Edit Pro customers can set a different layout for the Member Homepage, if they choose to, by clicking the relevant link in the 'Member Homepage' section.  If you want your Main Homepage and Member Homepage to be the same, just tick the 'Use Same Layout...' tickbox.

If you have already set a layout, clicking one of the 'Publish' links will overwrite the existing layout with the new one.

When you click the 'Publish' link you want to use, you will see a message asking you to confirm that any existing layouts will be overwritten.  You will then see a message confirming that your layout has been changed.