Church Edit no longer provides Mailboxes.  If you don't already have Mailboxes set up, you will not be able to add new ones.  We recommend using Google Hosted Email or Zoho Hosted Email, who both offer free options for registered charities.

If you need support for existing Mailboxes, please call the support number.

Forwarding Addresses

Email forwarding enables you to forward mail sent to a certain address at your domain to another email address. For example you may have a forwarding email address such as ''.  Emails sent to this address would then be forwarded to a personal email address, such as ''.

To add or delete email forwarding addresses go to Email then Forwarding Account.

Main Email

The main email address will be the address from which all email is sent to from the site. This includes:

  • New membership login details
  • Forum replies (to subscribed posts)
  • Private message notification

Email Footers

This allows you to place a message at the bottom of every email sent from the site. If this is left blank then nothing will displayed.

Customise Emails

Church Edit Pro sites can customise the automatic emails sent from the site, such as the welcome email for new members.